Friday, March 26, 2010


When designing the first floor of Unity Village, we wanted the space to give a feeling of liveliness, movement and fun for the user. No matter what age, the space is designed to appeal to the needs of all.
To a 72 year old man in a wheelchair the space is inviting and stimulating. Here, he is encouraged to interact with others and also lead to interesting spaces by directional markings throughout. Although it is spacious, the user still feels as though he is connected with others.
To a 6 year old girl this space is whimsical and fun. directional symbols on the floor and walls create a gameboard that entices her to skip, hop and play. The space also feels safe and secure.
To a 42 year old working mother in the space, her office serves as a retreat from her busy life. here large windows and warm color embrace and relax her. In her office, although she is working, the office is spacious and encourages community with her coworkers.

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