Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Think About It...[makeshift.shelter]

"Simple detail and the beauty of found materials lend to a sacred space to enjoy time with oneself and a sketchbook..."

The importance of the makeshift shelter lies in the joy of its inhabitant. The creator of this abode must delight in its tiniest detail. A detail which gives hope for a better future.
So what is the point of of this whole makeshift shelter project?
It shows us how humankind can survive with the most minimal resources.In the wake of the hurricane in Haiti, we are learning how people (including ourselves) can come together for a positive goal. We have come together to create these shelters based on one common activity. For our group it is sketching, but this has a more substantial parallel. For the people of Haiti, the common goal is survival. They must work together just as we do, but in their case to rebuild their shattered country. Here, we must learn the importance of teamwork and togetherness. From building a simple shelter there is so much to learn about ourselves and others.

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